Yenifer Paredes was in the Government Palace the day they went to arrest her, according to the Special Team of prosecutors

Yenifer Paredes was in the Government Palace the day they went to arrest her, according to the Special Team of prosecutors

According to the Special Team against the Corruption of Power and the Special Police Team, the sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, He was in on August 9, the day they raided the place to arrest her in a preliminary way.

This, according to a report and photos of his monitoring used by the Public Ministry in its request for preventive detention for 36 months against Paredes Navarro, in the framework of the investigation for money laundering and criminal organization.

In said material, which was accessed by El Comercio, it is shown Yenifer Paredes leaving the Jorge Chávez airport after having arrived from a flight from Cajamarca. Later, he is seen boarding a State security car from the House of Pizarro.

The same media indicates that said information was corroborated by a letter sent to the Prosecutor’s Office by the company LATAM AIRLINES last August 18. In addition to this, there are photographs of the first lady’s sister, Lilia Paredesleaving the airport, which were taken during the follow-up that was carried out.

In these photographs, Yenifer Paredes can be seen accompanied by a minor and two unidentified men. All of them got into two official vehicles with license plate EGV-592 and license plate EPF-852 and went to the Government Palace, as corroborated in report No. 58-2022-DIRSEEST-PNP-DIVSEPRE/DEPESESEG.

The same document the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that on August 6, 7 and 8, the sister-in-law of the head of state was in the presidential residencewhich was confirmedby activities deployed in the place, as well as by the information of the human source”.

As is recalled, on August 9, the prosecutor Hans Aguirre and the colonel of the National Police of Peru (PNP) Harvey Colchado They went to the Government Palace through the Desamparados gate. After an hour of waiting, they were able to enter the president’s house and verified that Yenifer Paredes was no longer there.

However, they managed to detect 6 entry and exit accesses. “Accesses that could have been used by Yenifer Noelia Paredes Navarro (27) to leave the residential area without being seen and enter the presidential office or some other installation of the Government Palace, since the judicial measure only included the residence”, states the report of the Task Force.


Statements by Minister Alejandro Salas

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