Yenifer Paredes: The brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino were released this Friday

Yenifer Paredes: The brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino were released this Friday

The brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino, who seeing being investigated by the Public Ministry for their links with Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president were released this Friday, August 19, upon completion of the ten-day preliminary detention period.

This was reported to Canal N by Juan Carlos Ramos, Hugo Espino Lucana’s lawyer, who explained that his sponsor has provided “Quality information” to the prosecution, which is why he was released along with his sister.

“My sponsor has accepted effective collaboration, as part of a special process, and has provided quality information, part of which has already been corroborated within the framework of the detention of these ten days and which I understand will serve as a basis for pre-trial detention”he expressed.

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“My sponsor has provided information in a timely and quality manner that will help reveal this corruption plot that we all already know and that has been partially accredited, having provided data, we are talking about bribes”he added.

In this sense, the lawyer stated that Hugo Espino has detailed “abundant and revealing information” about the payment of “tithes” (bribes) that would have been paid within the framework of the construction tenders, one of whose beneficiaries has been the mayor of Anguía, Jose Medina Guerrero.

“That has been proven, the Special Team has corroborated with the banking entities, with the accounts, home verifications have been carried out and the collaboration process implies giving information and corroborating it, and that has happened. For this reason, there has been no pretrial detention requirement for Hugo Espino or Anggi Espino.”he asserted.

As recalled, both characters are considered figureheads of an alleged criminal network in the case of Yenifer Paredes and they accepted the collaboration before the prosecutor Marita Barreto.

The testimony of the alleged figureheads of the criminal organization led by peter castle -according to the prosecution’s suspicions- is that Yenifer Paredes and José Medina were behind the installation of a drinking water and sanitation system that the Espino Lucana company won in Anguia.

It should be noted that the Judiciary will carry out This Sunday, August 21, the preventive detention hearing against Yenifer Paredes and the mayor of Anguía, José Medina Guerrero.

This was reported by the Third National Preparatory Investigation Court of the National Superior Court, which scheduled the proceeding for that day at 4:00 in the afternoon.


Statements by Yenifer Paredes at her hearing

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