Yeni Berenice truena contra la jurisprudencia de la corrupción

Yeni Berenice thunders against the jurisprudence of corruption

The deputy solicitor and head of the Specialized Prosecution Office against Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), Yeni Berenice, “Tronó” this Friday on his Twitter account (@YeniBerenice) against jurisprudence of corruption in the Dominican Republic.

The attorney classified this area of ​​justice as “Shameful, outrageous, partial, illogical, contradictory, servile, deficient and wrong.”

Yeni Berenice added that “It is incredible how most courts vary their criteria exclusively to favor corrupt and organized crime cases.”

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However, the magistrate did not explain the reason for her “Relief” in her account of the aforementioned social network.

However, it is noteworthy that the tweet was published a few hours after the news was released that the former administrator of the Metropolitan Office of the Bus Service (OMSA), Manuel Rivas, was discharged from corruption charges in his office. against and the former financial director of the institution only sentenced to one year in prison.

It is recalled that the Second Collegiate Court of the National District sentenced Argenis Contreras to 20 years in prison for the murder of Yuniol Ramírez. It is also recalled that the case of the professor’s murder and that of corruption in the OMSA were homologated.

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