Yellow alert for storms and rains in the southeast of the country

From this morning rules a yellow alert for persistence of storms and rains in the southeast of the countryreported the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet).

In stormy areas you can expect “intense rains in short periods, occasional hail, intense electrical activity and strong gusts of wind”the institute reported.

The alert began at 7:10 a.m. and covers five departments: the whole of Maldonado, and sectors of Canelones, Florida, Lavalleja and Rocha.

the weather warning It will be updated at 10:10 a.m., or in case of significant changes.

Localities in yellow alert

Cannelloni: Atlantis, Barros Blancos, City of the Coast, El Pinar, Empalme Olmos, Atlantis Station, La Floresta Station, Pedrera Station, Jaureguiberry, Joaquin Suarez, La Floresta, Las Toscas, Marindia, Migues, Montes, Neptunia, Pando, Parque del Plata , Pinamar – Pinepark, Salinas, San Antonio, San Bautista, San Jacinto, San Luis, San Ramón, Santa Rosa, Sauce, Soca, Tala and Villa Aeroparque.

Florida: Alejandro Gallinal, Casupá, Chamizo, Fray Marcos, Mendoza, Reboledo and San Gabriel.

Lavalleja: Blanes Viale, Colón, Solís Station, Gaetán, La Coronilla, Mariscala, Minas, Polanco Norte, Polanco Sur, San Francisco de las Sierras, Solís de Mataojo, Villa Serrana and Villa del Rosario.

Maldonado: the whole department.

Rock: April 19, Arachania, Cabo Polonio, Castillos, La Paloma, La Pedrera, Palmares de Castillos, Puente Valizas, Puerto de los Botes, Rocha and Velázquez.

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