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Yaxys Cires: “2022 has been a disastrous year for Cubans”

MIAMI, United States. — Lawyer Yaxys Cires and economist Elías Amor analyzed to CubaNet the situation that was experienced in Cuba during the year that has just ended, as well as the projections for the coming 2023.

Both analysts agreed that the economic crisis and the massive exodus have marked the last 12 months on the island, a situation caused by the mismanagement of the Cuban regime, unable to promote policies that favor political and economic freedoms.

“Behind what is happening in Cuba there is a very harsh reality. We are talking about a town that has suffered a lot, to the point that we are seeing an unprecedented stampede. It is a town that is living in poverty, that cannot get medicines in the pharmacy, that does not get even five days a month with the food that it receives from the supply book”, declared Yaxys Cires, director of Strategy of the OCDH.

For the jurist, what is happening today in Cuba demonstrates “the political, economic and social failure of a regime that is more concerned with remaining clinging to power than responding to the great needs of the population.”

The crisis that is being experienced in Cuba has a clear component of economic ruin marked by the bad policies of the communist state.

“Cubans are 8% poorer in 2022 than they were in 2019. And the worst thing is that next year that poverty will continue to grow,” said Elías Amor.

The expert maintains that the country is trapped in a crisis that accuses the inability to generate wealth and the waste of money and resources by the authorities.

“The Marxist-Leninist economic model is failed, it is obsolete. But, in addition to that, the country has a marked inability to generate foreign exchange, with a drop in tourism that has not yet reached the figures for 2019. Then, there is a public deficit caused by an expansion in spending that has been accumulating for years. of the pandemic because of the waste of the government”, added Amor.

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