Yanibel Ábrego says that Rómulo Roux is afraid of competing against her in the primaries

The deputy and General Secretary of the Cambio Democrático (CD) party, Yanibel Ábrego reacted to a new complaint filed against him to expel him from the group and said that this “proves the fear that Rómulo Roux feels, in the face of my candidacy in the primaries.”

He stressed that Roux knows that he will defeat him in the primaries because the CD members know that he wants to lead them to a losing alliance with Blandón and the Panameñista-Varelista party.

«Rómulo Roux, uses the same strategy that Ricardo Martinelli’s enemies try to use: remove the candidates who are emerging as winners from the competition, to win with political traps; not with votes,” he said

She felt confident in expressing that this complaint, which I classify as political, will fail, as the previous request for expulsion against the 15 Deputies, who refused to follow Roux’s path, had already failed.

“The 14 Deputies that make up the majority bench of Cambio Democrático have recently expressed their solidarity to me, indicating that if they denounce me, they will also have to denounce them again,” he specified.

He said that the argument used by the lawyer and also a member of the CD, Rafael Ponce González, to denounce her “is so absurd, that it opens the way to complaints against Rómulo Roux himself, since it is public and notorious that he has also held meetings with other groups and pre-candidates, without counting the approval of the National Directorate, as alleged against me, the reckless, illegal and absurd request that today the Court of Honor that controls Rómulo Roux admits ».

Ponce González asked the party’s prosecutor’s office to initiate an investigation against deputy Yanibel Ábrego and to expel her from the group for supporting former president Ricardo Martinelli and Realizing Goals. The complaint was accepted.

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