Yanibel Ábrego assures support from the leaders of Cambio Democrático in Capira

Jorge Ramos, mayor of Capira, 10 corregimiento representatives, and leaders of Cambio Democrático of the district, expressed their rejection of the actions and statements of the current president of the Rómulo Roux party, “who intends to impose candidates for positions of popular election, passing over to members of the CD and ignoring the already proven leadership, which has enhanced our party in the district, ”said Yanibel Ábrego’s current, through a press release.

They made it known that, as authorities elected by popular vote, they will face the intentions of Rómulo Roux, aimed at imposing the candidacy for deputy, “of a turncoat figure who has already been rejected at the polls by the inhabitants of the district of Capira.”

The presidential aspirations of Rómulo Roux, mentioned in the statement: ¨reflect a scant 6% support in the polls, this represents a negative expectation of support for the party’s flag in the general elections and a heavy burden for our candidates. For what is a suicide, also improvise, candidacies by finger and without popular support to other positions of popular election¨.

The mayor, the representatives and leaders demand that Rómulo Roux respect the wishes of the bases and of the authorities elected by popular vote and that, due to his fights and personal intrigues, he does not continue leading Cambio Democrático towards the abyss.

The local authorities of Capira claim the president of the Rómulo Roux party, and ask him to call for the election of new conventional and Directors, who will be responsible for making transcendental decisions for the future of Panama and Democratic Change.

¨In the district of Capira, the majority of the party leaders and the authorities elected by popular vote, support and will support the candidacy of Deputy Yanibel Abrego, who will prove her leadership again with votes¨, concluded the statement, which is signed by everybody.

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