WWWConcept: feeling and sitting well is the rule


WWConcept entered the Venezuelan market two years ago with the aim of being a brand specialized in chairs. Its mission is to offer furniture solutions that allow the creation of functional and aesthetic spaces for companies and homes. Their pillars are the commitment to the quality of their products and the approach of a unique interior design service. For the company, “feeling and sitting well” is the most important thing; therein lies the real key to building more elegant and practical spaces for people.

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WWWConcept and telecommuting

After the pandemic, the trend of teleworking has been reinforced, a situation that displaces traditional offices to a certain extent. These environments used to have a design and construction with furniture focused on the efficiency, comfort and ergonomics of the space. Now they leave the design of work areas in the hands of individuals, who, due to inexperience, make mistakes that can affect aspects such as the productivity of the workdays or even health.

The most common errors when setting up a workspace (whether it is aimed at telecommuting or even at the traditional office) are related to lighting, the individual layout of the workstation or the acquisition of inappropriate furniture. The latter is the one that can generate the most contradictions, since it conditions the posture in general, a factor that determines comfort and well-being in the workplace.

Experts indicate that a good posture when working can ensure good respiratory function, reduction of tiredness and chronic fatigue; prevention of injuries, muscle pain and spinal problems. In addition, it improves mood and the feeling of well-being. However, people continue to ignore its relevance, misarrange their space and reduce their productivity.

For this reason, WWConcept It has set itself the goal of guiding people on issues such as interior design, the correct work posture and providing the Venezuelan market with the right furniture for all types of office and study, especially chairs. And it is that, from the design to the type of furniture to be arranged in the spaces, the details are the key to building functional, comfortable and pleasant environments.

What is the ideal chair?

Having chairs that not only look good, but also provide adequate support for long working hours to ensure good posture has become a necessity.

The proper posture depends on elements such as a good chair, table and a correct distance from the monitor; however, the most important of the three is the chair. On this, people spend the entire working day and it must be according to their specifications.

Ideally, it should have an adjustable swingarm to adjust the height, ensuring that the knee forms an angle of 90 degrees.; the seat must cover the entire support area of ​​the body when sitting; it must have armrests ensuring that they allow an angle of 90 degrees to be formed; provide lumbar support and preferably a frame that conforms to the curve of the spine and the width of the person.

Verifying these simple aspects when buying a chair will lead them not to suffer in the work environment and to make the daily work as comfortable as possible. The ideal is to consult with professionals when buying furniture for the office or studies at home.

WWConcept offers a wide range of chairs for each type of space. That is why they are constantly incorporating more variety of models in order to meet the needs of consumers in terms of furnishing their spaces.

To learn more about the brand’s portfolio, go to Instagram.


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