Wos stays with the Gardel de Oro on a consecrating night

Wos stays with the Gardel de Oro on a consecrating night

File Photo Camila Godoy.

Wos experienced his great consecration night at the gala of the 24th edition of the Gardel Awards, obtaining the Gold award and monopolizing four other statuettes for his album “Oscuro éxtasis”, which made him the great winner of the ceremony held at the Movistar Arena, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

“Hold on to Argentine music,” launched the artist, who received a virtual greeting from Fito Páez, the previous winner of the Gardel de Oro, when he went on stage to receive his award.

Miranda Photo Maximiliano Luna
Miranda. Photo: Maximiliano Luna

In a ceremony where urban rhythms have a strong presence, with participation in various fields and some figures such as Trueno, Nicki Nicole and Wos who began to win their first awards, Alejandro Lerner was honored with a special recognition for his career, while that Palito Ortega won the statuette for best romantic album, which he dedicated to the remembered Sandro.

Catarina Spinetta Photo Maximiliano Luna
Catherine Spinetta. Photo: Maximiliano Luna

Both artists gave two of the most exciting moments at the gala of the 24th edition of the Gardel Awards, which was held at the Movistar Arena, with some passages from their speeches that aroused applause.

By imposing himself in his field, Palito Ortega made a mental trip to his beginnings to remember “a generation that wrote its own songs”, a moment in which he remembered Sandro.

Photos: Maximiliano Luna.

“I want to dedicate this award to the memory of a brother who is no longer here: Sandro, for you, dear brother. Both Sandro and Cacho Castaña, as well as Sergio Denis. Very dear people who left very soon but left an indelible memory in the memory of the people”, said the popular artist, to close: “It was worth all the effort, what one has done all his life, from the beginning in the Club del Clan, to get to feel this happiness”.

A few minutes later, Alejandro Lerner, who had previously starred in a musical moment by performing his version of “Después de tí” with Rusherking, received an award for his career.

Emmanuel Horvilleur Photo Maximiliano Luna
Emmanuel Horvilleur. Photo: Maximiliano Luna

After recalling figures such as Sandra Mihanovich, León Gieco and Gustavo Santaolalla, who marked his first steps, he dedicated a few words of praise to the new generations of artists.

“We have a generation of assholes who are great teachers and we must give them all the support. Thank you because you are the ones who are pushing us to continue learning,” he launched.

Also there were evocations of the honoree for Pappo, Mercedes Sosa, Armando Manzanero and Cacho Castaña.

Nicki Nicole and Thunder Photo Maximiliano Luna
Nicki Nicole and Thunder. Photo: Maximiliano Luna

As for the items that began to have their winners, Wos surprises by prevailing as best alternative rock album for “Oscuro Éxtasis” and best rock song for “Let them get better.”

Figures from the new litter such as Trueno, Tini and Nicky Nicole have also garnered some awards so far.

As for the musical numbers, Airbag, winner of the best rock group album, filled the stage with distortion, while Julieta Laso, Miau Trio, Zoe Gotusso and Chita starred in a tribute to the album “Love After Love”, by Fito Páez, 30 years after its publication.

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