World Cup 2030: South America wants it yes or yes and launches with everything

World Cup 2030: South America wants it yes or yes and launches with everything

There where the dream of the albiceleste world champion began to take shape, a couple of kilometers from the airport of Ezeizain the complex of the AFAon that same site the official candidacy of South America for him World Cup 2030. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay dream of co-hosting the World Cup that they also want to co-host Spain and Portugal.

The main argument is that 100 years after the first World Cup was played, in 2030, this competition that captivates the universe must be played in the same continent and country where everything was born. “We are convinced: FIFA has an obligation to honor the memory of those who came before us and they believed big and made the first World Cup”, sentenced Alejandro Domínguez.

To that phrase pronounced by the president of the conmebol Of course, the four presidents of the federations and the four sports ministers of the applicant countries joined in their speeches.

Beyond all the typical words of occasion in this type of scenario, versions and possibilities were immediately established on different edges to consider if this quadruple candidacy achieves its objective. For example, there is an initial idea that the inauguration take place in Buenos Aires and the end in Montevideo. The president of the AFA laundered it, Claudio Tapiathe host leader and one of the figures of the event for being the leader of the world champion federation.

The choice of the seat of the World Cup 2030 will take place at the 74th FIFA Congress to be held in 2024, two years before the 2026 edition of the competition in United States, Mexico and Canada.

the bet of South America had started with Argentina and Uruguay designed as a double venue, considering that they had been the finalists of the 1930 World Cup. Later they were added Paraguayan (place where the president of Conmebol was born) and Chili.

In the bid for World Cup 2030 they would also be Spain and Portugal (more Ukraine?)for one, and a third alternative that could be configured with another union: Greece, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Details will be added soon. In principle, South America already play strong.

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