Workers will have leave in case of death of relatives

Workers will have leave in case of death of relatives

The plenary of It unanimously approved that private sector workers will have paid leave in the event of the death of close relatives.

The measure establishes that the collaborator has permission to be absent due to the loss of their spouse, parents, children or siblings. The term of the license is five days, and may be extended up to three additional days when the death occurs in a geographical place other than where the worker’s workplace is located.

In the analysis included in the opinion, it is pointed out that one of the indirect effects is that the workers will not receive discounts from their remuneration for not attending work on those days.

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“Employers will have a legal framework that allows them to grant licenses (…) It will not be necessary to place licenses in the Internal Labor Regulations or to bargain collectively with unions,” it reads.

The document also includes an opinion from the Lima Chamber of Commerce that mentions that the proposal “has a populist desire.” In addition, there is the position of the Autonomous Central of Workers of Peru that indicates that the measure “seeks to guarantee the construction of a more just, supportive and egalitarian society.”

On the other hand, the proposal contains a final complementary provision that establishes that the Executive Power, within a period of 60 days, and within the framework of its competence, will issue the complementary regulations “without this preventing the application and demand of this law since its validity.


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