Worker dies after falling into molten iron: he had only been in that job for 5 days

Worker dies after falling into molten iron: he had only been in that job for 5 days

A foundry factory worker lost his life after falling accidentally into a cast iron containersome witnesses commented that he had only been in the position for 5 days.

The victim was Steven Dierkes, 39, who was working at the Caterpillar Mapleton foundry, located in the city of Peoria, United States. Some versions indicate that the company did not give him any prior training to operate dangerous machinery.

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The unfortunate event occurred on June 2, when the worker was taking samples from the container and accidentally tripped, falling into the cast iron of 1,426.7 degrees Celsiuswhere he died instantly upon touching the liquid.

An anonymous worker commented to the World Socialist Web Sire (WSWS): “He died instantly, but not everything went in. Part of his body remained on deck for the coroner to recover.. It must have been scary for the people who witnessed it and waiting for the coroner with half their co-worker lying on the ground.”.

On the other hand, a witness revealed through his social networks that he had only been working there for 5 days and “I hadn’t received enough training.” to work in this area.

A factory worker who called himself Ron said, “Death occurred in one of the large smelters in the melting area of ​​the main smelter”, he further explained, “I don’t know what time it happened, but at 10:20 am the whole center was sent home”

However, this is not the first time that a problem has occurred in this company, since, according to Ron’s testimony, on December 23, 2021, a 50-year-old man He also died after slipping down a ladder.

Several years, different workers and company spokespersons have protested against mistreatment and working conditionsThey also denounce a deficit in safety and health for employees.

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However, the company issued a statement regretting what happened: “We are deeply saddened by the death of an employee who was involved in a serious incident at our Mapleton, Illinois facility on June 2. Our thoughts are with the family, friends, and colleagues of this employee,” he further added, “Lhe safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is our top priority.”

The authorities are carrying out the respective investigation, At the moment it is believed that it was an accident and it has nothing to do with a crime.

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