Women's Entrepreneur Day: Three business success stories at the forefront

Women’s Entrepreneur Day: Three business success stories at the forefront

Worldwide, every November 19th is celebrated the Day of the . A special and significant date to commemorate and empower thousands of women, who become active participants in the economy through their businesses and their work dynamics. This celebration promoted by the United Nations seeks to make their achievements visible, even if they face scenarios of labor inequality.

“Women are strong and resilient in the face of any situation of adversity. Despite the gender gaps, we continue to bet on success through activities that reflect our productivity and capacity, as is the case with ventures. There is a need to strengthen the business sector and with it labor and wage rights” comments Gisella Santillán, representative of a Digiflow digital transformation product sponsored by the CCL, which recognizes 3 successful business cases at the forefront led by women:

  • Miracles Matias: From a very young age he left Lima and traveled to Tacna, to continue his father’s legacy. He currently leads “Vicky’s”, the restaurant, chicken shop and snacks by family heritage. Two years ago, she became an ally of Perú Factura and from that moment the electronic invoicing process and the payment methods that she offers were made easier for her. In addition, she increased the number of clients in the place and the satisfaction of a modern service in a rural area. Customers are satisfied with the seasoning of the place, the attention and the ease of payment. Additionally, Matías recently formed part of a network of agents to facilitate banking procedures in the area without problem.

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  • Analy Cabrera: In 2014, he opted for the sale of handbags created with national inputs and opened a store to formalize his Comercial Cripier business. A short time later, his venture was well received and positioned, allowing the merchandise on offer to expand. Thus, Analí incorporated the sale of backpacks, imported handbags and backpacks. At the moment, the entrepreneur already has two physical stores where she continues to strengthen her work and sales dynamics. With the Perú Factura platform, it recognizes that the process of issuing electronic bills and invoices for the business has been optimal, fast, and useful. Likewise, it values ​​the organization and the detail in terms of the list of clients and products that is generated with the digitalization format.
  • Marina Roca: She was always linked to the world of clothing, but it was not until 2012 when she decided to fulfill one of her biggest dreams and opened a store with her Jasbly brand, dedicated to selling women’s jeans in the popular Gamarra emporium. She currently offers pants made with national fabric for all kinds of female tastes and sizes. Marina points out that the style of her jeans is modern and comfortable, which generates a greater preference among her clients. Despite the fact that he recently adapted the Peru Invoice service to his venture, he has already been able to identify great benefits such as the use of the ticket office for the issuance of electronic receipts, better stock and sales control, and the possibility of generating a monthly record. and shipping billing.

Finally, commitment to continue promoting and complementing female entrepreneurship with essential tools for business development by providing a free digital adaptation promotion for a period of 3 months, with the intention that more women continue to empower their businesses.


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