"Women no longer cry, women bill"How much do they pay in ISR?

"Women no longer cry, women bill"How much do they pay in ISR?

“On average, the monthly per capita collection of women would be 4,259 pesos (12,777 quarterly), an amount 21.4 percent (910 pesos) lower than the average monthly per capita collection of 5,169 pesos (15,507 quarterly), this means In other words, the income of women is 21.4 percent lower than that of men”, according to a analysis of the Center for Public Finance Studies of 2020.

In other words, on average, the per capita collection of women is almost 18% lower than that of men.

The study was possible thanks to a recent modification in the methodology of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), since previously it was not possible to know the detail of this gap in the collection via Income Tax.

What wage gap exists between women and men?

In any case, this difference is explained, on the one hand, by the wage gap that exists between men and women, close to 5.4% at the time of the study. And, on the other hand, because women, in addition to earning less than men, also live more informally than men, even in the highest income deciles.

However, to focus only on the question of income by gender and its effects on collection, the SHCP used a methodology to remove the effect of informality in the analysis and thus know the true gap in collection, by income deciles. .

The result was that, with this measurement, it is confirmed that the inequality of wages and the little access of women to high positions in the government or company management continues to increase the collection gap in the high income deciles.

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