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Women demand decriminalization of abortion and warn of political cost

Santo Domingo (EFE).- Hundreds of women demanded this Saturday the decriminalization of abortion and reduce the levels of mortality motherhood, among other demands, and warned the political leadership that their “indifference” to their claims “will cost them in the elections” next year.

After marching down the hundred-year-old street Countin the historic center of Santo Domingo, the women stationed themselves in front of the Altar de la Patria to denounce the attitude of “genuflection” and “complicity” of the Government of Dominican President Luis Abinader, in the face of the “onslaught” of conservatism against the rights of women and girls.

“We are more than 50 percent of the population and indifference to our claims will have a political cost, that’s for sure,” activist Natalia Mármol Candelario, one of the spokespersons for the organization, told EFE. manifestationwhere posters against discrimination were exhibited and slogans in favor of health, protection and greater equality were heard.

The walk and concentration “Add your power” was held in connection with the celebration on March 8 of International Women’s Day.

The authorities have implemented a pattern of attacks systematically to the conquests achieved and the obstruction of the path to new achievements in issues of fundamental rights, such as health, education and parity, said a document delivered by the organizers.


The Coalition for Life and Women’s Rights and other entities demanded the decriminalization of abortion when the life of the woman is in danger, if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest and if the fetus is diagnosed as incompatible with the life.

They also raised the protection against discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, the approval of a law that complies with the provisions of the Court Constitutional applying the ceiling of no more than 60%, no less than 40% of life for any of the genders by demarcation and advancing towards a parity democracy.

In addition, the implementation of an education in equality with a gender perspective and prevention of violence in the schoolsthe approval of the law for the prevention, prosecution, punishment and reparation of violence against women and girls, and the implementation of decent and quality social security.

Another of their demands included the implementation of public policies that dignify life and ensure the economic and social advancement of women and girls in rural areas, and that the State guarantee respect for rights. rights of working women, including domestic workers, and that sexual harassment in the workplace be effectively combated.

“We are determined to continue organizing ourselves, we will never get tired, we are going to continue fighting for structural changes through dialogue, raising awareness, naming injustices, denouncing the violence daily, taking to the streets, denouncing the evils that affect us on social networks, in private spaces, such as schools and universities, and we will take action at the polls next year,” said Mármol.

The demonstration recalled that the Dominican Republic is one of the countries in the region with one of the highest rates of femicide, with a system judicial that “re-victimizes, ignores and abandons” women who risk denouncing the violence of which they are victims.

The feminist movement rejected “with all our strength” the persecution, mistreatment and abandonment of pregnant migrant women in care centers medical and their deportation in deplorable conditions, the only result of which will be marginalization and an increase in maternal and infant mortality among the migrant population.

The claims included the situation of peasant women, “who are the ones who suffer the most from the abandonment of the State and the Government, without land to work, without financing for production, without roads and means of transportation.” transport to market their products, without quality medical care, or a secure future for them and their sons and daughters”. EFE

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