Women are empowered in politics and sign a Commitment Pact to strengthen democracy and governance

To promote the political participation and representation of women in public life in decision-making spaces, the National Institute for Women (INAMU) organized the meeting of women political leaders as ambassadors for equality.

During the event, the Resolution for the installation of the Network of Political Leaders for Equality and the Commitment Pact was signed, which aims to strengthen the political participation of all women in all their diversity; of young people, of different ethnic groups and social classes to guarantee equality of parity, alternation and universality as principles that strengthen democracy and governability

The different Women’s Secretaries of the different political parties participated in this signing:

  • Arelys González, President of the Women’s Front of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).
  • Felicia Gallego, President of the National Secretariat for Women of the Popular Party.
  • Rachel Rodríguez, President of the National Secretary for Women of the Molirena Party.
  • Mireya Montemayor, President of the National Secretary for Women of the Panameñista Party.
  • Ana Giselle Rosas, President of the Secretary for Women of the Democratic Change Party.
  • Yaribeth Peña, Vice President of the National Secretariat for Women Alianza Party.
  • Niurka Palacios, President of the Women’s Secretariat Realizing Goals Party (RM).
  • Rudelda Guzmán, President of the National Secretariat for Women of the Social Independent Alternative Party (PAIS).
  • Linda Loo, President of the Secretary for Women’s Movement Another Way Party (MOCA).

INAMU, as the governing body of public policies for equal opportunities for women, in monitoring and compliance with the international and national regulatory framework, recognizes the importance of strengthening democracy with the participation of women in politics and that their rights are respected. .

During the meeting held in the auditorium of the Electoral Tribunal, the director of lNAMU, Nellys Herrera, recognized each of the participants as ambassadors for equality, as well as the Association of Parliamentarians and Former Parliamentarians of the Republic of Panama (APARLEXPA) and the National Forum of Women in Political Parties (FONAMUPP).

In addition, Tamara Martínez, a researcher at the Institute for Democratic Studies of the Electoral Court (TE), who announced the progress of the challenges regarding the political participation of women with the presentation of the Atenea Panameña 2021 report and Lic. Javier Herrera , Head of Training and Citizen Liaison of the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, participated with the topic “Law on Political Violence and its Regulations.”

The Inamu as part of the powers, competencies and duties in the application of Law No. 184, of November 25, 2020, has the task of coordinating efforts with the women’s secretariats or women’s fronts of the political parties, in order to standardize strategies, training programs, awareness campaigns and dissemination actions.

Women from the women’s fronts of all political parties, the female representation of the independents and authorities of the Electoral Tribunal also participated in the meeting.

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