Woman victim of medical error in surgery leaves hospital in Rio

Woman victim of medical error in surgery leaves hospital in Rio

The saleswoman Daiana Chaves Cavalcanti, 35, left the Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso (HFB) today (29) after being hospitalized for 38 days, undergoing several surgical procedures to repair damage caused by an abdominoplasty and implantation of breast implants. performed at Hospital Santa Branca, in Duque de Caxias, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The surgery was performed by Ecuadorian plastic surgeon Bolívar Guerrero Silva, 63 years old. the patient was hospitalized for more than 60 days.Woman victim of medical error in surgery leaves hospital in Rio

As the surgical procedures were unsuccessful, Diana, feeling fever and severe pain in her breasts and abdomen and with her belly open, returned to the hospital, where she remained for more than two months, during which her health condition worsened. The patient accused the doctor to keep her in private prison. Daiana managed, through Justice, to be transferred on July 21 to the Federal Hospital of Bonsucesso.

Three days earlier, the doctor Bolívar Guerrero Silva was arrested by police officers from the Police Station for Assistance to Women (Deam), in Duque de Caxias, on charges of keeping the patient in private prison.

Resource blocking

On the 20th, Judge Elizabeth Maria Saad, from the 5th Civil Court of Duque de Caxias, accepted a request from Daiana’s defense in order to block resources from the Santa Branca Hospital. In the decision, the magistrate determined the blocking of R$ 198 thousand to pay for the transfer and treatment of the woman.

Lawyer Ornélio Mota, who defends Daiana, said that, of the amount blocked by the Justice, so far only R$ 38 thousand have been found. He said that he will ask Judge Elizabeth Saad to release part of these resources for the treatment at home of the patient, who still needs a lot of care because of the open wounds.

“Trauma is irreparable. The scars will continue. The important thing is her gradual recovery. [Daiana]. She is no longer at risk of death, according to the medical team, but she needs care at home, as there are still exposed wounds,” said Ornelio. “I’m going to file a request for urgent relief later today, so that the judge can release part of the blocked amount to hire professionals to bandage the patient,” he added.

He also asked for the plastic surgeon’s assets to be blocked so that Diana could be compensated for the damage caused by the cosmetic procedures. “Daiana arrived at Bonsucesso Hospital with necrotic tissue below her breasts and with an open wound in her belly”, explained the lawyer.

Diana said, upon leaving the hospital, that “I am relieved to be able to return home to [favela da] Rocinha, and to stay with my two children and my husband who were tireless, giving me strength, during my period of hospitalization”.

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