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Woman murdered her lover and buried him in the patio

Woman murdered her lover and buried him in the patio

The Cicpc proceeded to capture Jessica Yuleiby Maldonado Bello (30) and Yinder Alejandro Mendoza Durán (30), who allegedly participated in the murder of Alejandro Guanchez Torres (61).

The woman was in a relationship with both men. But Jessica and Yinder planned to murder Alejandro to steal $3,000 from him, according to investigations by the cicpc whose results were disseminated on his Instagram site.

The investigation began on January 23, the day Alejandro’s relatives reported his disappearance to the Cicpc-Los Teques (Miranda).

As a result of the inquiries, the woman and her partner were arrested, who were traveling in a Chevrolet truck, Luv DMax, license plate A90BBOM, owned by the victim and to which some modifications had been made.

At the time of being interrogated, Jessica and Yinder confessed to the crime committed by mechanical asphyxiation. And they said that they then proceeded to bury the body in the patio of the residence where Jessica’s father lives, located in Ayacucho, upper part, sector 3, Los Teques, details the report of the cicpc.

The body was unearthed by a team from the Cicpc and the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamecf).

The detainees were handed over to the First Prosecutor of the Public Ministry.

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