Woman give a positive click to your life

Woman give a positive click to your life

September 30, 2022, 8:20 AM

September 30, 2022, 8:20 AM

Prior to the celebrations of Bolivian Women’s Day, the motivational talks program proposed by the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (Camebol) Santa Cruz Branch will be held at Cadex, this October 3. The event is called Click Camebol.

She continues to lead the program for businesswomen, Silvia Quevedo as president, “part of my management is encourage and motivate women to be better in any circumstance, The program is developed with the support of the Life Coach, Tania Cuevas, with the support of Claudia Rivero and Marisol Santisteban.

Click Camebol III will be in TED format to impact, That’s why make your reservation to Facebook Camebol, because the meeting is for every woman who seeks to give her life a positive click. The six businesswomen and athletes are outstanding women for their contribution to the economy and sports.

Camebol has been working for six years, consolidating an organization that visualizes and empowers women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from Santa Cruz. There are 300 associates. Currently, its board is dedicated to developing economic empowerment programs through: One Step at a Time, Click Camebol and other mentoring programs.

It has a department of Corporate Social Responsibility, which will execute the second version of Emprende Moda, and has as a goal in 2023, to make an exclusive pavilion of businesswomen in Expocruz.

Right now, they are supporting the tables in the co-construction of the Ministry of Women; and the book Yo Empresaria, with the writer Ramiro Calasich.

Featured women are:

Maria Lorraine Boxes. Athlete and businesswoman, 44 years old, commercial engineer with a master’s degree in Marketing and International Business, is general manager of Medifarm, importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products. “It is a family business, which allows me to share with my parents and my sister, who are my example of life,” he says. She is married to Miguel López and has a son José Miguel (14), who is the engine of her every day. She is passionate about running. “More than a story, running is a lifestyle that I enjoy to the fullest and try to foster in my family. Her lifeline is contained in this phrase: “Dream without fear, train without limits.”

Businesswoman and athlete. She is the wife of Rodrigo Bedoya and her daughters are Rebecca, Ariana and Deborah. She studied International Relations and Marketing, is representative of Tote La Vie for Santa Cruz. triathlon lover, “activity that allows connecting body and mind in three disciplines at an extremely high level of demand (swimming, cycling and running). He has qualified for the 70.3 World Cup in St. George 2022 to be held in October. His slogan is: “Dream it, visualize it every day and strive until you achieve it”.

Woman give a positive click to your life

Entrepreneur and athlete, co-founder of the startup tuGerente, selected as one of the top young innovators in Latin America by the MIT Technology Review magazine (MIT 35 Innovators under 35 in Latam). She is passionate about field hockey, she was a player for the Bolivian national team of this sport and she belongs to the Jenecherú club. Her phrase: ‘May the I want win, the war of the I can’, “because she transmits a message that invites us to overcome limits and persevere for what we want to achieve”.

Woman give a positive click to your life

Owner manager of Printerior SRL, a visual communication company for 19 years. In the pandemic he reinvented himself hand in hand with technology, he built helmets so that patients are not intubated. His athlete’s life helped him survive Covid, his lungs endured 65% commitment during the disease. This led her to focus on getting her health back and participating in several Ironmans from her 50s onwards. Her slogan is: “Because life goes on and on without limits!”

katherine moreno
Woman give a positive click to your life

She is the wife of José Quintanilla and mother of José, Katerine, Adrián and María Jesús. She is a commercial engineer, tetra Olympic swimmer, (Seoul 1988, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008). He has managed to prolong his passion for water sports and founded the Samix swimming school to pass on his knowledge. His message: “Set priorities at each stage, it’s never too late to get what you want.”

Woman give a positive click to your life

Life mentor who has been accompanying women for years to create the life they love, heal internal conversations and materialize dreams, through personal and spiritual growth training. An adventurous soul who, like millions of women, has a history full of insecurities, pain and scarcity. “One day I decided to eliminate those stories that had me imprisoned, and I chose to live under the government of my soul. This is how I developed the method: Brave, unlimited and powerful woman”. A method that saved his life, that allows him to create day by day from abundance and from love, the life that he has. Therefore, its mission is to accompany you to heal and live in total abundance and fullness. And although she is not an athlete, she accompanies this Click Camebol with her phrase: “You are the only creator of your reality.”

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