Woman asks for help for breast cancer treatment in Samaná

Woman asks for help for breast cancer treatment in Samaná

A woman resident in Los Robalos, belonging to the Arroyo Barril municipal district, Samaná provincerequest help to carry out a treatment against a breast cancer that has already metastasized.

, Austria Morillo Valenzuela, lady’s neighbor Poland Garcia74 years old, that she has not been able to be treated at state medical centers because she does not have a personal identity card.

“My neighbor is going through a process that only God knows. The doctors are not treating her because she does not have documents, she does not have a card; they are not giving chemotherapy not even a pill to calm the pain he has, ”explained a neighbor, who identified herself as Austria Morillo Valenzuela.

He added that Garcia needs chemotherapy because she can’t stand the pain. He maintained that because said document did not exist, no health institution in the state he has attended has given him assistance.

Any person or state authorities that can solve this need presented by Mrs. Poland Garcia, please contact number 829-927-5564.

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