Without time or date: power cuts do not give up in Lara

Without time or date: power cuts do not give up in Lara

Inhabitants of the state of Lara denounce that electrical service cuts are the daily bread. In turn, they claim that this problem affects the arrival of other services such as water

From different areas of Lara state, citizens denounce the increase in power outages, in addition to the constant fluctuations that harm their electrical devices.

The Larense civil association Active for the Light released its report on the communities that are part of the association and that are being affected by the failure of said service: only on Monday, May 8, they counted 34 sectors that suffered from electricity rationing.

For their part, nine sectors of Palavecino reported nine outages of 12 hours, 50 minutes in duration and nine fluctuations.

The different communities throughout Barquisimeto have presented constant power failures and power rationing at any time of the day and without prior notice. These can last four or more hours.

In some cases, communities are left without electricity several times a day.

Besides, The problem has affected the fluidity of other public services such as the drinking water serviceBecause there is no electricity service, the motors and pumping stations do not work, so the water is not sent to the communities.

The movement United for Water and Human Rights He expressed his concern: “We are calling on the governor, because with the situation we are experiencing with the power cuts that have returned, there are very severe failures in the water supply throughout the state. We know that if we do not have electricity, there can be no re-pumping,” he said. Alcides Perezmember of the movement.

“In recent weeks these cuts have increased for more than four hours, without official information on the situation and this has brought many problems to the communities,” he added.

According to user complaints through social networks, power outages in Barquisimeto occur several times a week.

The people of Barquisimetan demand that the state governor, Adolfo Pereirato Corpoelec and to the national government, responses on the state of the electrical system in the country.

They also ask for a schedule where the days of electrical rationing by communities are stipulated and that improvement works in the electrical system are guaranteed.

With information from Radio Fe y Alegría News

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