Without the will to reach the presidency, 8 independent candidates have not even reached 100 signatures

Judith Pena | July 12, 2023

A total of 23 pre-candidates for free nomination are in the final stretch of the signature collection process, however not all of them have made the same effort to reach the precious 39,296 signatures that represent 2% of the total votes cast. , some that appear on the website of the Electoral Tribunal have not even collected 20 signatures.

Four candidates find themselves in this situation; It is about Evelio Jaime Villarreta Rodriguez, who reaches 0.03% of the collections with just 13 signatures, like the bricklayer Alberto Arauz De Leon, with 12 signatures and the graduate in Social Work Marcelina Bradley Quijano with 11 rubics.

But it doesn’t end there because there are those who have not even exceeded 0.01% like Jaime Esteban Mottley Allen who has barely managed to get 5 people to sign to support him.

A little above the table of positions are four candidates who have not even reached 100 signatures, first is Elias Alberto Cortes Christian, with 91 signatures and 0.23%; followed by Juscelino Jaeiro Jaramillo Aparicio with 0.13%, that is, 51 signatures, then there is the Computer Science Engineer, Jose David Nieto Mendoza with 0.12% and 49 signatures; Finally, the Commercial Advisor German De Jesus Torres Rosales, who has 0.10% and 39 signatures.

A little further up the table are the pre-candidates who exceeded one hundred signatures but none have managed to exceed 500 rubies; These are Manuel Salvador Abrego Romero with 116, Zuriela Del Carmen Gomez with 138, Arnoldo Candanedo Martínez with 150, Ricardo Ariel Morrisc9n 194, Jose Angel Silvera Serracin with 202, Jaime Andres Tuñon Ochoa with 213 and Jose Luis Galloway Logan who has 433 firms.

The percentages of the signatures collected are complete on the page of the Electoral Tribunal…

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