Without Censorship welcomes baristas Thamis Fontenelle and Sulayne Shiratori

Without Censorship welcomes baristas Thamis Fontenelle and Sulayne Shiratori

In the week in which Coffee Day is celebrated (April 14), the program No Censorship pays tribute to the date and welcomes baristas Thamis Fontenelle and Sulayne Shiratori. This Monday (11), journalist Marina Machado and a guest debater talk to the two professionals about coffee, from cultivation to consumption.Without Censorship welcomes baristas Thamis Fontenelle and Sulayne Shiratori

Thamis Fontenelle was born in Brasília, daughter of Eurípedes Fontenelle, a pioneer in the cultivation of specialty coffees in the Federal District. In 2007, she set up a structure for selecting and roasting the grain on her farm.

Thamis, who grew up on the property, took over the company from her father, who died in 2014. She took numerous courses in Brazil and the United States to become a Q-Grader (specialty coffee evaluator) and receive a barista certificate. With a select group of coffee growers, it is proud to show that Brasília produces quality coffee.

Also from Brasilia, Suylane Shiratori holds a degree in agribusiness from the University of Brasilia and did a supervised internship at Embrapa Café, together with renowned researchers focused on the transfer of technology for coffee culture in the country.

He started his journey with specialty coffees in 2004. He studied the way of the drink, from the foot to the palate, in courses and partnerships with important names in the field. It is a pioneer in the preparation of specialty coffees in the Brasilia market. Since 2011, she has been teaching specialization courses in coffee.

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No Censorship – Baristas Thamis Fontenelle and Suylane Shiratori

Monday (11), at 21:00, at TV Brazil






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