Without care policy, the consumption of fentanyl and opioids grows in Mexico

Without care policy, the consumption of fentanyl and opioids grows in Mexico

The disappointment of the drug policy of the 4T

Although the current government generated expectations about turning drug policy from prohibitionism to regulation, in fact there are no changes, the experts mention.

“It seems to me that the discourse remains the same and the problem is increasing while the population that is suffering from it and that is in need of treatment, naloxone, harm reduction strategies, is not having it,” says Dr. Feliz Bautista.

Instead, the current government of López Obrador has generated stigmatizing and fear-based campaigns against drug use, without a real diagnosis of substance use in Mexico, and has withdrawn support from civil society organizations that support people with problematic consumption, adds Zara Snapp.

“We thought it was going to be different and, unfortunately, we have fallen into more of the same, but expecting different results. After three years (in government), I think it has been disappointing, ”he underlines.

If the government is really interested in addressing this problem, it should open evidence-based treatment centers, with psycho-emotional support and programs that go beyond abstinence and reach people without resources, he exposes.

“Instead of having, from a health perspective, health and treatment strategies to treat and prevent deaths, you have the Police and the National Guard, without understanding that this is a very unfortunate and painful health problem. Why? Because lives are lost, because people die in a matter of seconds from an overdose that could have been prevented, ”he says.

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