With Trump or Biden, Mexico adds four years of immigration control for the US

With Trump or Biden, Mexico adds four years of immigration control for the US

The US faces record-breaking migration flows

It is also during his administration that the flow of migrants from countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua has picked up. While those from the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) have had a decline.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have had to turn to Mexico to deal with the migration phenomenon.

With the Republican politician, the government of López Obrador had to accept the entry into operation of the “Stay in Mexico”, as well as agree to deploy the National Guard on its northern and southern borders to contain the passage of migrants in exchange for not taxing with 5% imports of Mexican articles. While with the Democrat he has reached agreements to receive migrants expelled from the United States by Title 42 on their land.

A few days ago, the Biden government announced the expansion of Title 42, under which Cuban, Nicaraguan and Haitian citizens will be returned to Mexico, a measure that had already been applied to Venezuelan citizens since October.

Title 42 is a health order that functioned as an immigration measure. Under the argument of preventing the spread of covid-19, migrants who arrived at the shared border with Mexico were denied the possibility of requesting asylum and were expelled. Under this title, most of the departures of migrants have taken place since March 2020.

Eunice Rendón, coordinator of the Migrant Agenda, considers that for the United States cooperation in immigration matters is essential and in recent years she has been successful in obtaining their help for programs such as “Stay in Mexico” and “Title 42.

“For the United States, the attitude that Mexico has on the border, immigration issue is a priority (…) they have reached important agreements such as Title 42, Stay in Mexico and the pressure, specifically on immigration control in the south of the country,” it states.

More agreements between Mexico and the United States

Prior to their bilateral meeting in Mexico City, the presidents of Mexico and the United States agreed that the migrants expelled by Title 42 would be received in Mexico.

“Persons who cross the border of Panama, Mexico or the United States irregularly after the date of this announcement (this Thursday, January 5) will not be eligible for the parole process and will be subject to expulsion to Mexico, which accepted the parole process. return of 30,000 people per month,” Biden announced.

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