Bus, train and subway will have free passes on election Sunday in SP

With subway workers on strike, three subway lines are stopped in SP

The subway strike this Thursday morning (23) paralyzes lines 1-Blue, 2-Green, 3-Red and the monorail line 15-Silver. The movement was approved in an assembly this Wednesday (22) after negotiations with the São Paulo Metropolitan Company (Metrô) had not advanced.With subway workers on strike, three subway lines are stopped in SP

The category asks for payment of Profit Sharing over the last three years and solutions for problems of lack of employees and investments.

The city hall informed the suspension of the municipal rotation of vehicles throughout this Thursday (23).

Narciso Fernandes, director of the union, told Brazil Agency that the category is open to negotiation and that it agrees to adopt a contingency plan, returning to operation, if the Metro releases the turnstiles.

“The Justice itself proposed this contingency plan, the category approved it and we are demanding that the Metro implement it in this way. We could ask the workers to go back to work with the turnstile open so as not to harm the population”, he explained.

According to him, the participation of subway workers was wide and only supervisors are available to operate, so there are no conditions for safe operation.

In a note, Metrô said that “there is no justification for the Union of Metro Workers to declare a strike claiming what has already been fulfilled by the company”.

“This reality does not allow the payment of a salary bonus at this time, since the company had significant drops in revenue due to the pandemic and has not yet had a full return on passenger demand, compared to 2019”, says the text.

The company informed that it will activate its contingency plan to guarantee the minimum functioning of the system.

release of turnstiles

The TRT rejected an injunction in which the Metro asked to set a minimum number of trains to operate in the event of a strike. The decision accepted the release of turnstiles, a method proposed by the workers’ union to rule out the possibility of harm to the population.

“According to the judge reporting the decision, Eliane Aparecida da Silva Pedroso, this way there is no reduction in the supply of transport services to the community, contrary to what was proposed by the employers’ union. In the magistrate’s opinion, a strike is a nuisance and aims to mobilize society around the demands and needs of a community”, says a statement from the TRT.

Bus lines

SPTrans informed that it extended two lines and reinforced the existing fleet of 13 that serve the axis of the subway lines in the city. The city hall agency also informed that it monitors the movement of passengers on the municipal lines since 00:00 and ordered the concessionaires of the municipal public transport system to maintain the operation of the operational fleet at 100% throughout the day, including between peaks.

granted lines

The ViaMobilidade and ViaQuatro concessionaires, which operate metro lines 4-Yellow and 5-Lilac; and lines 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda of metropolitan trains, informed that the operations follow normally this Thursday and that it evaluates the availability of new trains to reinforce the operation.

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