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With shouts and boos, Diriá parishioners expel Ortega police officers from the temple

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Police officers burst into the atrium of the San Pedro church, in the municipality of Diriá, this Sunday afternoon, to warn the traditionalists and faithful that it was forbidden to perform the traditional dance of the splinters, in honor of San Pedro, its patron, as part of the repression that the Ortega regime maintains against the Catholic Church, but they were expelled from there.

“We were in the atrium of the church participating in the celebration of the ascent to its altar of the revered image of San Pedro and some traditionalists, upon hearing the philharmonics they took out some splinters and began to dance, but after a few minutes the police officers they came to warn that this tradition of more than 150 years could not be carried out”, recounted a traditionalist.

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“For which reason,” he continued, “the tired and indignant people began to boo them, to make them leave the place. This event was recorded on cell phone videos of the faithful,” he recounted.

Photo of some children in the traditional dance of the splinters, last June.

The faithful also showed their indignation when they saw how the police agents did not allow the children to perform the traditional dance with some cardboard, despite the fact that on June 29, on the solemnity of San Pedro, some children performed the activity, as a sign of the rescue of traditions.

“They are abusive”, they say

For the inhabitants of the Catholic town of Diriá, which is located on the slopes of the Apoyo lagoon, the police officers broke into the property of the Catholic church, such as its atrium, which is protected with iron gates and gates.

“The traditionalists planned to perform the dance of the Splinters in the atrium of the temple and not in the streets of the town, what is the crime in following a tradition of our ancestors?” asked one of the faithful indignantly.

During the development of the patron saint festivities of Diriá, the police officers remained in the surroundings of the temple, making sure that the image of San Pedro did not go out to walk the main streets of the town, nor visit the rural communities, where peasant families await it. with great tradition to distribute the traditional casserole dough and corn chicha.

On the other hand, the authorities of the Sandinista mayor’s office carry out their activities in honor of San Pedro, despite the fact that they guarantee that the image remains without being able to leave the temple. Among the activities they carried out, in June, there is the equestrian parade, fair and the coronation party of the queen of the patron saint festivities in the square of the central park.

Diriá is one of the six municipalities in the department of Granada, which is located 64 kilometers from the capital, Managua. It is a small city of 7,221 inhabitants.

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