With juicy rib, Carlos Báez's team wins the field challenge in Masterchef

With juicy rib, Carlos Báez’s team wins the field challenge in Masterchef

The famous of master chef They left the kitchen to carry out a field challenge, in which they had to cook for motorcyclists.

The celebrities were divided into three groups, in the middle of a motocross track, which brought a sparkle to Tatán Mejía’s eyes.

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Carlos took advantage of his advantage and chose the other captains with whom each group would settle, he also chose the protein for this competition.

The teams were formed as follows: green with Carlos as captain, Tatan, Manuela, Cristina and Aida Bossa. The orange with aco as captain, Aida Morales, Ramiro and Estiwar G. and finally, the red with Tostao, with Isabella, Chicho and Natalia.

For this challenge, the contestants had 60 minutes and the pantry would be open unlimited, only they had to go by motorcycle.

In addition, the competition would have another surprise, it was some envelopes that could be opened just 15 minutes after starting to cook.

When unveiling the surprise, it was about ingredients that each team had to incorporate in its preparation. Tostao had to add tree tomato, Aco had to introduce fig and the team of Carlos, the Curuba.

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In the midst of the agitation of cooking and plating, the three teams finish just in time and serve their dishes to the diners.

Motorcyclists rated the green team as the best, with a score of 8.5. Closely followed by a team with 8.25 and the last one was 6.1.

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