With allegations of illegality, deputies debate AMLO's Plan B on 'fast track'

With allegations of illegality, deputies debate AMLO’s Plan B on ‘fast track’

The evening session began shortly after 9:00 p.m. with a surprise, since the president of the Chamber’s board of directors, PAN member Santiago Creel, turned Plan B over to commissions for ruling.

According to the instruction, the joint commissions for Electoral Political Reform, the Interior and Population, and Justice would analyze the reform initiatives to the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, the General Law of Political Parties, the Organic Law of the Judiciary of the Federation, and the one issued by the General Law of the Means of Challenge in Electoral Matters, all proposed by the Executive.

But after a recess of almost two hours, the plenary resumed and the Morena member Graciela Hernández endorsed the initiatives, with which she “rescued” them from commissions and requested the discussion of urgent and obvious resolution, which was endorsed by Morena and her allies. .

“Illegal, illegal” was the cry of the minority, because in the face of the express procedure the four opposition benches were reunited in demand for suspensive motions to try to have the reforms analyzed in commissions and with more time for analysis.

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