With acts and tributes, Trelew commemorates the 50th anniversary of the massacre

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Relatives of the victims, former political detainees and national officials participate this Monday in the central act of commemoration for the Trelew Massacre that will be held at the Center for Memory that operates in the old airport of this city of Chubut, where the 19 guerrillas were recaptured who escaped from the Rawson prison and were shot at the Almirante Zar base.

The Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, and the Secretary of Human Rights, Horacio Pietragalla Corti, are part of this tribute.

It is expected that the mural “19 red flowers” will be inaugurated at the Center for Memory and a joint document prepared by family members, former political prisoners, organizations and unions will be read.

Latera delegation of officials and organizations will visit the Almirante Zar naval basewhere plaques will be placed and photographic panels will be reopened.

In the afternoon, the Commission for the Memory of the People will hold an act in Plaza Independencia of this town of Chubut.

This Sunday night Popular artists such as Teresa Parodi, Víctor Heredia and the Arbolito group performed live at the Municipal Gymnasium of Trelew, where groups and relatives held a vigil awaiting the anniversary of this Monday.

In the early hours of August 22, 1972, during the dictatorship headed by Alejandro Lanusse, Argentine Navy forces murdered 16 political prisoners. detained at the Almirante Zar Naval Air Base in Trelew.

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The victims were members of the FAR, ERP and Montoneros organizations who had managed to escape from the Rawson prison unit and that, given the impossibility of escaping the country, they surrendered to the Armed Forces in the presence of a judge and television cameras.

In 2021, The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation confirmed the life sentence of Carlos Amadeo Marandino for the executions, sentenced in 2012 along with two other former marines, Luis Emilio Sola and Emilio Jorge del Real, who died over the years.

Last month, ex-marine Roberto Bravo was sentenced to pay compensation to relatives of the victims of the Trelew massacre by a court in the southern district of Floridain the United States, where he resides.

The Argentine justice continues to request his extradition so that Bravo can be tried in the country.

President Alberto Fernández ordered the declassification of the “Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Commanders-in-Chief in government function (1971-1973)”, which contain “great historical and documentary value” and were found in the Argentine Air Force facilities in May 2018, official sources reported this Sunday.

These documents contain “information of great historical and documentary value. The decision to disseminate it shows the commitment to the policies of Memory, Truth and Justice that guide the management of the national government,” it was indicated in a statement released by the Ministry of Defense.

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