Con el estómago lleno de cocaína, así viajaría hombre a Francia

With a stomach full of cocaine, this is how a man would travel to France

Agents of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) supported by members of the Airport Security Corps and under the coordination of the Public Ministry, they arrested a man of Nigerian nationality who would travel to France with a stomach full of bags of cocaine.

The 37-year-old foreigner was detained in the boarding area of ​​the International Airport of the Americas (AILA) and was immediately subjected to the rigorous protocol for these cases.

The accused, used as a drug mule, was taken under custody by members of the DNCD to the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces, where he was admitted to begin the process of expelling the bags.

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With a stomach full of cocaine, this is how a man would travel to France

After several hours, the accused expelled a total of 76 bags wrapped in latex, which after being analyzed by the Institute of Forensic Sciences, turned out to be cocaine, weighing 1.20 kilograms.

The Public Ministry and the DNCD expand the investigations in relation to the case, while the Nigerian will be brought to justice in the next few hours for violation of Law 50-88, on drugs and controlled substances.

The DNCD highlights the support of members of intelligence agencies stationed at air terminals, which has made it possible to catch dozens of individuals who are used by drug trafficking networks to take drugs to the United States, Europe and Canada.

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