With a film epic, a young man created a video that illustrates the heart of the "staggered"

With a film epic, a young man created a video that illustrates the heart of the "staggered"

“We will. This Sunday whatever the cost.” The narrative of a video about the Argentine team that he moved on the networks.

With the epic movie trailer for “Avengers: Endgame”, a touching subtitle -invented but realistic- and the images of the route of the Argentine team until the final of the world, Franco Cappellini (known as kito), 25 years old and with a degree in Film Direction, moved the networks with a video that points directly to the hearts of lovers and followers of “La Escaloneta”.

“A bit of optimism fills people’s souls”, expressed to T√©lam the young man who published the work on his Twitter account: @KitoKP. There people shared it with celebratory messages: “If you don’t cry with this video, you’re not human. Unmissable!”, “Impossible not to get goosebumps.”

Franco lives in the city of Del Viso, province of Buenos Aires, and is dedicated to freelance editing: “This video is what I did in my spare time, I love movies and Hollywood-style trailers fill me with adrenaline , well exaggerated, well epic, well dramatic”.

It is enough to see Diego Maradona or a little Lionel Messi for the phrases in the subtitles in the video to acquire more weight: “We will. This Sunday whatever the cost.” A narrative that reduces anxiety until Sunday, when the team faces France in the final of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

“The trailer is the one for the last ‘Avengers. Endgame’ movie, and symbolically it has a lot of an end of time, they are heroes from a long time ago, like Captain America. That trailer remained for me in the imagination as the pinnacle of the end of the cycle, so what I did was connect two or three things to realize that the hand was coming from there”, the filmmaker told about how he came up with the idea.

For him, the video had an impact “because everything that there is of the selection and has to do with the possible last function of Messi touches an intimate fiber”. And along the same lines he thought about √Āngel Di Mar√≠a.

Franco Cappellini author of the video
Franco Cappellini, author of the video

“It’s very easy to identify what happened with that Avengers movie and the vibes that it generated at that time. If we were to connect them with the sport, it is easy to do it with what is happening now with the selection”.

Beyond moving, Franco wanted to add a “quota of fun” to the piece: “It is not a violent call to war, but rather has a comic part. Especially with the subtitles, which actually have nothing to do with what What does the voice say in English?

“It is not controversial, nor is it showing a message that people are going to hesitate to spread. In addition, the video pulls you up and A little bit of optimism, even if it’s exaggerated or theatrical, fills people’s souls.”

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