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With a baby monitor, this is how he discovers that his wife was unfaithful

Ariel Albaez | December 28, 2022

A man discovered that his wife, with whom he had been in a relationship for more than 10 years, was with another individual in his own home, through a strange method.

Marek Fecko, 47, was at his workplace, where he checked the monitor with which he was watching his infant and noticed some noises that did not come from the little one.

Realizing what was happening, Fecko proceeded to face his partner at home and found the scene, which is why he threatened to kill the woman’s lover with a knife, who was nothing more and nothing less. than a former co-worker.

The event, which occurred in Carlisle, United Kingdom, occurred despite the fact that the woman turned off the device’s camera, but forgot to turn off its microphone.

Now, the man who is the victim of infidelity must do 18 months of community work and is prohibited from approaching the subject who had a relationship with his wife, after being taken to the British courts for threats.

What is it and how do baby monitors work?

It is a very useful device for all caring parents that will allow them to know, no matter where they are, what is happening with their little one. The baby monitor It is composed of two elements: transmitter and receiver. And it all works like surveillance system or a walkie talkie. You leave the transmitter in the child’s room: it has to register the sounds and, sometimes, the image of your baby. On the other hand, you take the receiver with you, thanks to him, you listen and see what is happening in the children’s room, according to the instructions Kinderkrafta brand that manufactures baby products.

The site adds that all baby monitors have the same primary function: to transmit sound, and sometimes also image, from the nursery to the device the parent has with them. This happens, of course, wirelessly. There are monitors on the market that use two different transmission signals.

Older models use analog technology: by radio frequency. They work on the same principle as walkie talkies or a citizen band. Its advantage is a good range, but a disadvantage is that other transmitters can interfere with the signal, for example using a citizen band. The most modern models use another frequency, thanks to this, this problem does not occur.

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