With 9.9 million affiliates, savings banks achieve historical maximum

With 9.9 million affiliates, savings banks achieve historical maximum

Family compensation funds of the country managed to close 2021 with a historical maximum of 9.9 million members. This is how Asocajas reviews it, reporting that the performance of the sector last year is a sign of the reactivation of the economy.

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He explained that in terms of the number of companies contributing to the system, there was also a growth of 3%, with a monthly average of more than 726,000 companies, compared to the 704 thousand that were registered in 2020. 60% are in Cundinamarca (including Bogotá). ), Antioquia and Valle del Cauca. For the union, the figures were driven by the recovery of employment, as employed people increased by 1.2 million and the unemployed population fell to 338 thousand people.

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In terms of affiliates, the annual average in 2021 was 9.5 million, a figure 4.3% higher than the consolidated figure for 2020.

The departments of Antioquia, Caldas, Sucre, Córdoba and Magdalena registered the best performance in terms of membership growth; while Norte de Santander, Huila and Putumayo are lagging behind.

The closing of the year stands out. “The last quarter of 2021 shows the total recovery of the System in terms of affiliation, even achieving a volume higher than that registered in the same period of 2019, and which constituted the quarterly historical maximum to date,” says the analysis.

Last year contributions to the System were $8.4 billion which meant a real growth of 3%, taking into account inflation.

According to the union, these resources are regulated and delivered to members through benefits and services in sectors such as employment, education, housing, health, culture, tourism, recreation and sports, among others.

“This positive balance of the Family Compensation System not only shows that the country is on the path of recovery, but that the savings banks continue to be one of the great allies of workers between 1 and 4 minimum wages, who are 88% of the affiliates. The foregoing shows us that we continue to fulfill our fundamental purpose of promoting social mobility, protecting the middle class and closing social gaps”, commented Adriana Guillén Arango, executive president of Asocajas.


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