Permanent Family Contribution: how to consult with RUT if I collect today June 26 the $120 thousand pesos of the doubled March Bonus

Winter Bonus: how to check with RUT if I can receive the Extraordinary Contribution

The Social Welfare Institute (IPS) has begun paying the extraordinary contribution to the Winter Bonus 2023, aimed at pensioners aged 65 or over as of May 1, 2023. The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Jeannette Jara, has emphasized that the IPS is working to ensure the operational continuity of its branches, especially in areas affected by storms.

to receive the extraordinary contribution, the requirements are as follows: be a pensioner aged 65 or over as of May 1, 2023, belong to one of the following groups: pensioners of the IPS, ISL, Dipreca, Capredena and mutual employers of Law No. 16,744, as long as they have a pension equal to or less than $201,677; pensioners of the AFP system who are receiving minimum pensions with a state guarantee; AFP pensioners or insurance companies who also receive the Old Age Solidarity Pension Contribution and whose pensions are less than or equal to $201,677; people who are beneficiaries of the PGU who do not have the right to a pension in any pension scheme; and people retiring from AFPs and insurance companies who also receive a PGU and whose pensions are less than or equal to $201,677.

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