Win money with the chance without matching all the numbers

Win money with the chance without matching all the numbers

If you are one of those who dreams of winning the lottery and improving your financial situation, you should take into account certain tricks that will make your life easier when gambling, because beyond luck is understanding the strategy of the game to claim money.

So things, in the chance the ideal is to hit all four numbersbut if you manage to match one, two or three you can make a profit from what you invested for the ballot.

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In Baloto, lotteries and chances there are ways to win without hitting all the numbers. According to Gelsa, through its operator Paga Todo, the ways to claim money in this game of chance are varied and you have to pay full attention to the dynamics that are six.

How to win the chance without matching all the numbers?

A figure or the ‘nail’: you can earn money by hitting the last figure of the chance or lottery that you choose. With this modality you can earn $5 pesos per peso wagered. In other words, if you invest $1,200 (VAT included) and hit it with the ‘a’ will receive the sum of $5,042. This means that the more you bet and hit, the more you take.

Two digits or leg: If you hit the last two digits with numbers between 00 and 99, you will be credited with $50 per peso wagered.

Combining three numbers: with the last three numbers of the lottery, in different order and with numbers between 000 and 999. You can carry $83 pesos per peso wagered.

Three direct figures: if you hit the last three digits of the chance in the correct order, you will receive $400 pesos per peso bet.

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Combining four figures: if you match all four figures in any orderwith a number between 0000 and 9999, you can claim $208 pesos per peso wagered.

Four direct figures: if you hit all four figures in the correct order, you will be awarded $4,500 per dollar wagered.

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