Wilson Soto: "I already lost hope in this government"

Wilson Soto: “I already lost hope in this government”

One of the congressmen from Huancavelica who has so far supported President Pedro Castillo the most is Wilson Soto Palacios (Popular Action), who showed his disappointment with the president and his little action in favor of Huancavelica.

PC observed the law to promote tourism in Huancavelica, under what argument?

He says that it involved spending, that was the argument, I did not understand why the president observed, Huancavelica supported his government, it was a gesture that he promulgated the rule, but it did not happen.

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Do you consider that the president works for Huancavelica?

I was in the third decentralized session of the PCM in Acobamba, I am objective and I told all the ministers that they have not worked for Huancavelica and there is no agenda for Huancavelica and the population that believed in their government, but there are no concrete facts , the premier came and only spoke badly of the congress for 20 minutes, that’s not work. There is no real fact of this government for Huancavelica.

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But, you always voted in favor of Pedro Castillo

I am a responsible opposition, it is true that I supported with my vote of confidence the cabinet of Bellido, Mirtha Vásquez, and Aníbal Torres, I have already lost hope in this government, they promise speeches, bits of paper and nothing. I will think about it a thousand times if we are going to support that opportunity.

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We must also count your support by abstaining from the vote in the vacancies

That has a reason, in principle the voters of Huancavelica told me to support this government, there are people who trusted me, we were on the issue of democracy, governability, this government has many problems and it is not the fault of Congress, the government itself shoots itself in the foot.

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Is there a request for the resignation of the president, will you support it?

That will be a good way out, far from thinking about a vacancy, my Popular Action leader (Fernando Belaúnde) did not support vacancies, he always worked for Peru, we cannot spend all the time thinking about vacancies, Peru’s main problem is other , people on the street are not interested in vacancies,

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