Wilson Camacho se pronuncia contra las “élites del poder”

Wilson Camacho speaks out against the “power elites”

SANTO DOMINGO -The deputy attorney Wilson Camachodirector of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), used the Twitter platform to criticize the “power elites” as part of serving two years in that position.

paraphrasing the book “Impunity. Corruption in the bowels of Power” written by the former French magistrate Eva Joly in 2003, Camacho in a series of tweets, said he was aware that “the fight against corruption is not a race of speed, but of resistance.”

Clarifying that any resemblance to the Dominican reality is purely coincidental and suggested that a turning point should be provoked in the Dominican Republic to defeat impunity.

Citing the aforementioned text, Wilson Camacho criticized the existing difficulties in the Dominican Republic to face corruption and impunity.

“We move on, we have no commitments with impunity. It is our responsibility to foster a culture of transparency and respect for the law”, she pointed out.

The head of Pepca guaranteed that “nothing and no one” is above the commitment made by the current Public Ministry to defeat the corruption that has hit the country for decades.

“Note that nothing and no one is above our commitment to Dominican society. We are aware of our historical responsibility and that the mission is more important than us. There is no human force that separates us from the objective of defeating impunity in the DR”, he indicated. Wilson Camacho.

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