Will there be dry law on Sunday for the possession of Gustavo Petro?

Will there be dry law on Sunday for the possession of Gustavo Petro?

This Sunday, August 7, the change of command between the government of Iván Duque and that of president-elect Gustavo Petro will take place in Bogotá. ceremony in which some 100,000 people are expected in the surroundings of the Plaza de Bolívar, since this year it will be public and will have several activities.

(The leaders and presidents who will attend Petro’s possession).

A few hours before the start of the day, the National Government has not issued any decree that prohibits the sale and consumption of liquor during that day, known as the Dry Law.

For now and until there is this decree nor on Friday the 5th, Saturday the 6th or Sunday the 7th of August will there be any restrictions on the sale or consumption of liquor in Colombia.

(Biden announces US entourage for possession of Petro).

However, the Bogotá authorities have called on those who plan to attend the inauguration of President Petro so that they know in advance the access routes to the place, avoid bringing minors and arrive in advance before the security filters that will be implemented to guarantee the safety of all the people who attend the event.

The place will be surrounded by 1,500 fences and 15,000 members of the Public Force will be available for security.


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