Will there be a rise in the tax on occasional gains in the Petro tax?

Will there be a rise in the tax on occasional gains in the Petro tax?

The occasional income tax has become relevant in recent days, thanks to the declarations of the Minister of Finance of the Petro Government, José Antonio Ocampo, on the upcoming tax reformwith which it seeks to alleviate the fiscal egg of the country.

(In what is invested what is collected in the income statement?).

Ocampo spoke about the way in which taxes are being collected. “For example, capture occasional earnings and put an appropriate tax on them. Today, the highest income sectors appear with occasional earnings with 10% taxes and that cannot be,” she said in an interview with Blu Radio.

What woke up reaction of users in social networks, who shared what was said by the incoming finance minister. According to this information, Ocampo announced a 35% occasional income tax.

Given this, Ocampo, through Twitter, clarified that he has not announced the 35% increase in this tax, as in the past it was charged. Of course, they are reviewing what the next tax reform will be like.

In fact, in a recent statement, the next finance minister pointed out that: “in the highest ranges of the income distribution (…) an important part of the income is occasional earnings (…) in this sense, Although it is a decision in progress, I think we will go to increase from 10% to 20%”.

It is worth noting that, according to the Dian, “Occasional Gain is the income or utility that a person or company has from the occasional or sporadic sale of a good that is not part of the ordinary course of business, or from the occurrence of an exceptional economic event such as winning the lottery or a raffle”.

Thus, the tax on this type of profit complements the income tax. Namely, each sporadic income must be included in the income statement.


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