Will there be a new tax reform in 2023?  Petro responds

Will there be a new tax reform in 2023? Petro responds

After more than 100 days of assuming the Presidency of the Republic, Gustavo Petro spoke about various topics with Noticias RCN in a controversial government for some and hopeful for others.

Although the period to cut accounts is very short, the head of state himself has gone to the board to respond openly to issues of public interest, such as the minimum wage, the EPS and subsidies for elderly peasants, among others.

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One of the critical issues has to do with a new tax reform, different from the one already approved by the Congress of the Republic. According to the Minister of Finance, this A new reform would be being considered for regional and local taxes.

“The Government is going to present a tax reform for departmental and municipal taxes, it is more like a rationalization of a system that is very complex and chaotic in some cases for a better system, in addition, it is based on the decentralization mission in which the conference of governors and Asocapitales are involved”Ocampo pointed out at the time.

The statements have caused controversy, which is why Petro came up to the issue and assured that it is an issue focused on regulation, but not raised as a tax reform.

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“I am not interested in a reform of a local nature, because I think we should aim at the multipurpose cadastre. The Finance Minister is proposing it as an order, but there are still confusions,” Petro said.

“We also have an important balance of royalties, but these are not eternal, that is why this is the moment that we should be taking advantage of to make the best investments ”, added.

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