¿Buscará Faride Raful la reelección como senadora Distrito Nacional?

Will Faride Raful seek re-election as Senator of the National District?

The senator for the National District, Faride Raful, did not hide the possibility of being reelected in the role she plays as a legislator in the Senate of the Republic, in order to continue motivating other women to participate and contribute to national politics with her example.

“I am a very proud senator, from the capital, I love my job, I think I am doing a good job, honest work, decent work”, He declared this Monday after affirming that he could be re-elected in the next elections.

When interviewed on the radio program El camino de la Mañana, on 98.5 FM, Raful said that she does not believe in the symbols of power, which must be eliminated from Dominican politics, where she assured, “it comes to serve.”

«I handle dI adhere to the standards of prudence and absolute honesty because I don’t believe in symbols of power, that we have to drive around in SUVs, with guards, all of that has to be eliminated. Politics comes to serve, if you don’t come to serve you can’t be there».

In that sense, he specified that legislators are needed who are going to surrender and not to be delivered to them for their convenience.

He said he is aware that his confrontational and demanding personality has allowed him to gain acceptance but has also caused a rash in other sectors that feel alluded to.

“Me role it is beyond a concrete aspiration. When one is honest, when one says what one has to say in spaces where one sometimes annoys and irritates, they will always see sectors that do not want to see you further and I am an annoying person for many sectors », he indicated.

He emphasized that he will always echo injustices and crimes, so he does not say anything to gain acceptance, but rather, because it is part of his nature to be on the side of transparency and justice.

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