Why is butter no longer available in many supermarkets? Alpina responds

For several weeks, many Colombians have complained because they can’t get butter in supermarkets. And if they do, the price is very high: 25,000 pesos for a 500-gram bar.

alpine, a dairy-derived food company, published a video to answer questions that hundreds of people have asked about it. The first thing to keep in mind is that in order to produce a single kilogram of butter requires 25 liters of milk, whose production has been affected by the rains.

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The company acknowledges the shortage, but calls for calm: “Milk production is returning to normal”. However, Alpina announces that it is looking for alternative sources for the butter making.

Answer of Alpina to butter shortage

Below is the full transcript of the response from Alpine:

Many of you have asked us: ‘Why can’t I find my Alpina butter on the market?‘. Well, butter is made from the cream we get from milk and it turns out that, in recent months, milk production in the country has decreased. In other words, there is not enough raw material to produce more butter. Because?”

“For two reasons. One, the weather is affecting the pastures where the cows are fed and, two, the cost of inputs used by milk-producing farms has increased. That’s why we’re seeing less butter on the market.”

“But don’t worry, it’s temporary. Milk production is returning to normal. Meanwhile, at Alpina we are looking for new sources of cream to continue producing the butter we all love“.

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