Why are some New Year’s resolutions left unfulfilled?

It is customary to make a list of goals every New Year, it is the way of telling ourselves that in the next 12-month period we can do better. It is also a way to challenge ourselves even more.

The difficult thing is to sit down at the end of the year and realize that 90% of the proposed goals were not met, you analyze it and ask yourself, why?

It is possible that year after year we are making the same list of purposes, thinking that this time we will achieve it, but certain conditions are crucial to carry them out.

It is good first, to be clear about the possible causes that do not allow us to achieve them and how to then move towards fulfilling said purposes.

We share some possible causes:

You set unrealistic or unattainable goals

Many times we set the objectives of the new year more driven by desire and fantasy than by reality.

Setting ourselves great challenges makes it impossible for us to achieve them, with the corresponding frustration and low self-esteem. In addition, maintaining them over time is a very expensive task, so if we do not start to achieve them in a short period of time, it is possible that motivation will decrease dramatically.

Too many purposes at the same time

Considering many new resolutions at the same time can create unnecessary stress that ends with abandonment or failure in the New Year’s goals that you set for yourself.

This is so because stress and fatigue decrease your self-control, leading to making incorrect decisions.

non-specific purposes

The more specific your New Year’s resolutions are, the easier it will be to be consistent and follow through.

These purposes cannot be stated as desires such as wanting to lose weight, since this approach does not help to achieve it. The formulation of the objective must be more specific so that you know how to proceed.

You are not clear why you proposed it

Finding the main reason why you considered it is crucial to motivate yourself along the way. It has been seen that finding the true personal value of reaching a goal increases the chances of reaching them. Here you have to be honest with yourself.

You don’t design a good plan to achieve it

The daily plan to reach the goals of the new year is crucial. This plan will help you to be constant, especially if the new resolutions are habits that you want to implement in your life. To be effective, we recommend that you make a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Taking this into account, let’s begin to better focus our New Year’s goals, land our wishes and plan based on our reality.

And happy New Year!

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