Who will be Celeste’s pet?

A thermos, a criollo horse, a carancho, a fox or a margay will become the mascot that will accompany the Uruguay national team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the tournaments that it will play from now on.

This was reported this Wednesday by the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) in a statement in which it shared information about each of these friendly characters and announced that the winner will be elected by popular vote.

“For the first time, the public will be the one to define which of the five finalist pets is the one who will accompany the celestial path from now on,” says the AUF, announcing that the winner will be announced on July 21 at 12:00 local time. .

First on the list is “Botija”, a “humble and charrúa claw” thermos that lives in the home of the Uruguayans, it is light blue -like the national team’s shirt-, and has decals that reflect “the culture” of the country.

Being “always updated” is one of their customs and is accompanied by a small mate, the typical drink that explains why Uruguayans often carry a thermos of water like Botija under their arm.

The second, “Tranque”, is a horse that lives in the Centenario stadium, leads “a healthy life”, is an athlete and wears a headband “with charrúa feathers” and is followed by “Garrancho”, a caracara with a poncho and hat who lives in the Torre de los Homenajes del Centenario who likes to travel, recycle and take care of the environment.

For his part, Zo Rou is an “agile, restless, curious, active and dreamy” fox who lives in the native mountains of the South American country, is always looking for “new adventures” and wears a belt in which he carries “everything he needs” .

Finally, dressed as a soccer player and with a robotic arm, Marguy is a margay -a tiger cat native to the South American region- who lives in the Uruguayan forests, drinks mate, plays eSports and, as he is fond of photography, carries a yellow backpack “where fit all your belongings.

In Qatar, Uruguay will be in Group H with Portugal, Ghana and South Korea. There the Celeste will make its debut on November 24 against the Asians. EFE

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