Who makes the SEP textbooks?

Who makes the SEP textbooks?

What does the textbook logo mean?

The logo that was designed since 1980 and that prevails until 2022, was carried out by the same Conaliteg staff and means the following:

*The tree and the fruits symbolize the treasure of human knowledge.

*The roots and the books represent the six grades of primary education that must always be nourished by the sap of that knowledge.

*The girl and the boy signify the civic equality that the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States grants to women and men, and that gives them the right to equally enjoy the tree and the fruits of human knowledge.

What changes are foreseen in the textbooks?

The change announced by the general director of Educational Materials, Marx Arriaga Navarro, is to remove “neoliberal” content, something that immediately caught the attention of some sectors of the population.

On February 2, during the first Analysis Assembly of the Plan and Study Programs for the design of free textbooks, Marx Arriaga announced that there is an intention to remove some words that the federal administration considers “neoliberal”, such as efficiency and productivity, of free textbooks.

“In the last three decades there has been a tendency to link learning objectives, competencies and expected learning to curricular standards that favor, on the one hand, the evaluation of students through standardized tests promoted by the SEP, the extinct INEE, the OECD and pro-business civil organizations and, on the other hand, teaching skills were evaluated, which were nothing more than the measurement of teachers’ job performance,” he declared at the time.

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