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Who depends on the shortage of medicines in Colombia?

There is a shortage of medicines in Colombia: most affected diseases

He National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) warned in previous days about the absence of 50 medication to treat some diseases such as: hypertensionthe diabetes and the canceras well as some analgesics and anticoagulantswhich are part of the diseases that Colombians suffer the most, according to figures from Dane.

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Additionally, the Colombian Association of Comprehensive Medicine Companies (Acemi) indicated that there is “novelties in the supply of 1,242 active principles“, a situation that has been occurring since mid-2022 and that”does not get better“, according to the complaint.

Table issued by Acemi, against scarce medicines.


He Dane reported that, for 2022within top ten causes of death in men and women in Colombia are: ischemic heart diseases, infectious diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory tract diseases, hypertensive, one of which reported a shortage of medicines; of the digestive system, diabetes, another of those mentioned; and different types of cancerin which there is also a shortage of medicines.

Some chain pharmacies consulted, such as Cruz Verde, Cafam and Farmacenter yes they have noticed that shortage, especially those that treat diabetes. But, they add that “It is a phenomenon that has been occurring for a long time.“.

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Besides, Camilo Ramireza patient with several medical complications that he prefers not to mention, mentions that It is the first time in the time he has been on treatment that his complete formula is not available.“.

Faced with this panorama, one of the doubts is Who does this shortage depend on?

From Acemi they add that it is due to “a chain of many actors“, in which it is from the dollar, going through “pharmaceuticals, Invima, distributors, EPS, the Ministry, among others.

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For this reason, the association requests “qThat the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and Invima adopt more determined and forceful measures to resolve this situation“.

And, from the Ministry of Health they mention that it is due to “increase in demand for medicines, restrictions by brands or manufacturers in contracting between EPS and managers“. As well as “loss of interest on the part of the industry in marketing some products with low profitability and scarcity of some commercial brands, but availability on the market of drugs with the same composition“.

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Until now, apart from what was mentioned by the entity in charge of the Health portfolio, they have initiated a process in the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce to solve the situation.


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