Who are the beneficiaries who can already collect the 2022 Food Bonus?

Who are the beneficiaries who can already collect the 2022 Food Bonus?

The It is a subsidy that the Government will deliver to mitigate the rise in the products of the basic family basket. In this note, discover who can access this economic benefit.

The Executive indicated that the subsidy will be delivered until April 30, 2023 to an average of 6 million Peruvians.

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Who can already collect the Food Bonus?

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) reported that since Monday, August 15 began with the payment of the Food Bonus for the social programs Together, Pension 65 and With You.

The delivery of the subsidy will be progressive for more than one million users of social programs. In other words, some 643,157 households from Together, 577,000 from Pension 65 and another 77,000 from Contigo will receive the bonus.

How much will the Contigo program charge?

For users of the Contigo program, the Government determined that the payment will be S / 300. You can verify the delivery of this bonus in and collect it at any branch of Banco de la Nación.

It has started with Pension 65, then with Together and, in a couple of weeks, the Contigo program. With this, the first stage of the Food Bonus ends and is paid together with the regular pension that these families receive.”, declared Matías Sternberg, general manager of Banco de la Nación, to TV Perú Noticias.

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How much will those in the Juntos program charge?

The total amount for the case of the members of Together is S / 200 and will be paid together with your usual benefit each month.

You can know the date of payment and the place of collection of this subsidy through the .

To find out if they are affiliated with the Together program, we detail the steps:

  • Enter the following link , then enter the National Identity Document (DNI) and the date of birth of the owner of the household. You will be able to know if your child will receive the subsidy.
  • Another way is by dialing 1880 to find out if you are registered, you can also contact the telephone exchange (01) 444-2525 or through WhatsApp (981833039). Attention is from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • You can write any query related to the Child Bonus through this email address: .
  • The promoters of the Juntos program are communicating with the beneficiary families. They don’t give money and you don’t have to pay them.

How much will Pension 65 charge?

In the case of Pension 65, the payment will be S/ 250. This group must review whether they will receive the additional extraordinary subsidy together with the payment for July-August through the by the entity.

You have the option to change the place of payment by typing . All you have to do is provide your ID number, contact telephone number and current address.

When will the payment for the second tranche be?

The second section of the Food Bonus consists of the delivery of S / 270 for people in vulnerable situations, who are not users of social programs, and it will be this September.

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At this time we are already finalizing the regulations to approve the targeting criteria that will allow the extremely poor and poor population to be identified and ensure that this bonus reaches those who need it most.”, commented the general director of Design and Articulation of Social Benefits of the Midis, Julio Demartini.

How can the Food Bonus be collected?

The spokesman pointed out that with the experience of the Bono Yanapay, which reached 14 million people nationwide, an important strategic ally for the delivery of this subsidy will be the Banco de la Nación, in its various modalities, to which they have joined private financial entities.

The official indicated that one of the modalities that has already been activated with the Banco de la Nación is the DNI account.

He added that there are other mechanisms activated for the beneficiaries of social programs such as payroll, window payments and agents of the state bank.


The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Power to announce an economic subsidy.

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