Which institutions do Uruguayans trust the most and which the least?

The institutions that generate more trust among Uruguayans are the police, social organizations, the Judiciary, the Armed Forces and Parliamentaccording to a new survey of Teams released this Thursday on Underlined (channel 10). Meanwhile, there are divided opinions about political parties; while employers, unions and the Church they are the institutions on which there is a minority trust.

The institution in which Uruguayans trust the most is the police (73%)followed by the social organizations (62%)the Judiciary (61%) and the Parliament (55%) whether judgments are considered “a lot” or “somewhat” of confidence. The other options were “little”, “none”, or “don’t know/no answer”.

50% trust “a lot” or “somewhat” in Armed forces. Instead, the political parties they generate divided opinions with a slightly negative balance, with 45% of people trusting them and 50% trusting them “little” or “not at all”.

By lastthe institutions in which trust is lowest are employers, unions and the Church. Trust in these institutions is around 40%, and low or no trust between 56% and 60% of the population.

If you look at political-electoral preferences: Uruguayans on the left and on the right trust different institutions, although there are also some coincidences. However, there is a center –where the relative majority of the population is located– that generally has intermediate positions between both blocs.

The institutions in which the company trusts the most left and center-left are the trade unions and social organizations with a confidence close to 75%. Below the Judiciary (58%), the police and Parliament with a confidence close to 50%.

Instead, the segment of the right and center-right has greater confidence in the Police (85%), the Armed Forces (80%) and the Judiciary, Parliament, businessmen and social organizations with a confidence close to 60%.

the survey

The consultation was carried out by Teams between April 2 and 7, 2022via cell phone. was interviewed 500 people over 18 years of age and over, from all over the national territory.

the maximum error range expected for a probabilistic sample of 500 cases is ±4.4% considering a confidence interval of 95%.

The question used was: “How much confidence do you have in…?”. (Response categories: 1. A lot, 2. Quite a lot, 3. Little, 4. Not at all, 5. Don’t know/No answer). For: the Armed Forces / the Parliament / the unions / the businessmen / the Church / the Judiciary / the police / the political parties / the social organizations.

“The regular survey of Equipos Consultores is financed by multiple clients: the media, social organizations, private companies, international organizations and political parties, among others”, clarifies the consultant.

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