"When we leave dinner we come apart": Placido Domingo’s calls with women the Argentine sect

Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo maintained contacts and meetings with women linked to the Argentine sect that was dedicated to human trafficking and that also operated in Uruguay capturing victims. In one of the calls intercepted by the investigation called Secta Sociedad Anónima that captured 24 people, to which he agreed The ObserverDomingo can be heard conversing with a woman nicknamed “Mendy”, part of the organization, in which coordinate a meeting in the Museum building.

“When we leave dinner, we come separately, we do it that way because they, my agents and everything are going to go up to the room when I go up”said the singer on the call.

In another call with “Juan”, one of the leaders of the sect, Mendy acknowledged that Plácido Domingo was the one who proposed the meeting: “Placido said he could come visit us, it means he could come visit me. He’s going home to New York, he remembered yesterday.”. In that call he asked if the meeting could take place in the Museum building, and he valued his own “vocation of sacrifice” to meet the 81-year-old singer.

Furthermore, he said he was “fascinated with this scenario that the gods put together, each day prettier and more fun”. On several occasions these two people exchanged words of affection such as “I love you” and “I love you”.

After Mendy arranged the meeting with Domingo, he contacted “Juan” again, who jokingly told him that it was a “degenerate”. “You collaborated a little with this product,” she replied between laughs, and then he admitted to him that Domingo was “done shit”. “I feel sorry”he added.

“We live like rich people”

According to the information released by the Police to which he agreed The Observer, This organization was dedicated to recruiting people to, in some cases, incorporate them into the organization and reduce them to a situation of servitude and, in other cases, offer them some of the “medical” treatments that they do in their clinics, with the purpose of obtaining money. and influences for its leaders, under a philosophy that proclaimed to end “the evils of AIDS and drugs” and “seek the development of happiness”.

“Currently, the organization uses its members to offer sexual relations to ‘people of power’who would also dedicate themselves to carrying out “sleep cures” consisting of ‘pilling’ the ‘faithful’ of the organization and other people recruited abroad to put them to sleep for days, as a form of punishment for the former and supposed drug treatment for the latter”says the police report.

The money obtained was entered into the legal circuit through real estate agents and a notary’s office that the organization has in Argentina and different foundations created in the United States, generating a flow of foreign currency. His public face for that, according to police information, is the company BA GROUP.

The Police detected a “flow of trips” to both the United States and Uruguay in order to “carry out the same activities as in Argentina.”

“You keep doing miracles all the time. They are miracles, they are enormous miracles, it was not written to have this life so abundant Juan”Mendy told Juan in another recorded conversation, in which he appreciated that all the people close to the man are now “millionaires.” “We really live like rich people“, valued the woman.

“We were all much poorer than now. I had two pesos in my wallet, Juan, when I met you. You gave us all a well-being that we would never have achieved without you”he continued. “We did it”John told him.

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